Dalian Zhongding Chemical Co., Ltd. Dalian Zhongding Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise jointly established by experts and professors in the field of gas purification for many years in Dalian Institute of Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan.
+ Production plant
+ Serving customers
Development path Gorgeous bloom Glory opens 發展歷程
In the 1960s the national ultra-pure
In the 1980s the first domestic gas analysis research
In the 1990s catalytic deoxygenation technology achieved significant development
In 2000 provided gas purification solutions and equipment for domestic enterprises
In 2005 the efficient deoxidizer for polyolefin won the second prize of National Technical Invention
In 2011 passed the ISO quality management system certification
In 2015 was selected into the Liaoning Province Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Technology Catalo
In 2016 became a national high-tech enterprise
In 2017 successfully developed a 9N gas purifier with a single impurity of 0.1ppb The ultra-pure gas purifi
In 2018 successfully developed ultra-pure ammonia device and ultra-pure hydrogen chloride device Won the se
In 2019 through the national intellectual property management system
In 2020 it has more than 40 invention and utility model patents .The future-establish credibility with credi
To provide quality products for the market - grow together with customers Through continuous innovation and development, we strive to provide customers with diversified one-stop service solutions
全方位服務客戶 Provide full-service Thinking from multiple angles, has been innovating, providing customers with remote cloud services, and responding to customer needs 24 hours a day. Provide a full range of thoughtful services from all aspects.
專業一對一的尊貴服務 Professional one-to-one distinguished service According to customer needs to formulate the most cost-effective solution, the whole process of special docking, to provide equipment testing services before leaving the factory.
多年實戰項目經驗 Years of practical project experience He has been researching in the professional field for more than 40 years and has many years of project experience in various industries to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment and meet the requirements.
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